VRBangers Review – All Your Questions about VRBangers Answered!

Having an attractive VR porn website with the name “bangers” in it reflects a lot of sexy things that are on my mind. Yes, I have a dirty mind! Today is another day with another fabulous hardcore virtual reality hardcore porn website to review that you might find useful in the years to come. Continue reading for more information just to have in your Rolodex.

VRBangers is on the roster that will turn you on like a fleshlight switch! Good thing you finally purchased your brand new 3D headset and now it’s time to get to rockin’ and get down to business. It was a long time cumin’, now let’s get to work!

Check out the VRBangers website here


  • 6K resolution
  • Award-winning
  • High quality
  • Excellent amount of scenes


  • Does not have a like or comment system for the videos (something found on other VR porn sites)
  • No teledildonic scenes compatible with sex toys
  • Force to pay before signing up for an account
  • Erection lasts too long (I have no idea if...this...is...a...con)

What is VR Bangers?

VR Bangers is a relatively new virtual reality porn website created in 2015, full of delectable 3D videos for your viewing pleasures. You can watch adult VR porn content with panning views spanning from 180° to 360°. The 180° videos only give you half the pleasure because the view only pans halfway around the room. If you were to look backward, you will only see a dark, hollow area that normally features a banner with the name of the studio hosting the video. Not fulfilling enough. What you need to do is click on the 360° videos that give you a fully stereoscopic view into the sex world. You can see the model performing sexually in her entirety.

Get the best 6K resolution VR videos for a full interactive experience making you explode with passion. Videos featured are from the most popular studios that literally put the best of the best footage out there, so you will get the luxury and the fuck-ury of award-winning content.

How does it feel getting sucked by the best of the best pornstars and fucked by your favorite models in the industry with vivid interactivity? Enjoy over 300 videos found on VR Bangers with weekly updates of new content. I wonder what’s next for this week. I haven’t checked yet...

VR Bangers is so popular that it was featured on NBC, New York Post, PC Mag, Tech Crunch, CNET, MAXIM, Playboy and more.

VRBanger's Sexy Categories

  • VR (6K)
  • Anal
  • Asian
  • Babe
  • Big Dick
  • Gay
  • Big Tits
  • Blonde
  • Free

These are just some of the sexy placards on the website that you will see when first logging on. There is a little something for everyone and even more available.

VRBanger's Prices and Monthly Billing

$3/ 1 day (This is the best one for me since I only beat my meat once a week-more times in the summer. I calmed down a bit since I got a girlfriend!)

$25/ 1 month (As of the time of writing, there is a 40% savings promotion bonus available for $15 when you use this link)

$50/ 3 months

$100/ 1 year

These memberships are recurring, so if you are living paycheck to paycheck but need some extra money the following month make sure to cancel the payments so the price does not automatically get deducted from your credit card.

“Putting your credit card into a porn site can always feel a bit scary, one nice thing about VRBangers is their awesome customer support--canceling your subscription is really easy.”

I believe the prices are totally worth the access to full-length videos. Sometimes I take several hours for a full jack off session to complete and I got tired of continuously pressing rewind to replay a 2-minute sample video. Not only can I damage my smartphone device functionality, but my hands are usually preoccupied masturbating so I’m in a Catch-22. Using full-length videos is the only way for me to go!

How to cancel a VRBangers membership?

Easy. Just email the customer service at contact@vrbangers.com a request for cancellation. They will respond back with instructions about how to fulfill your request. Or, you can visit the Help Center and initiate a cancellation. Another way is to call your bank and asks them to block the payments.

Here are the payments accepted:

  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • Diner
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • JCB

First Impressions of the Website

You need to confirm your age for full entry into the VR Bangers’ tight, wet hole. Luckily, this security page has a sensual vibe featuring a slim petite thang with her smooth ass tooted in the air to motivate you to click the Enter button. There is a sensual glow emitting from the photo, which shows that the skilled graphic designers chose the right coloration and hues representing hardcore sex with POV blowjobs, MILFs, and teens fucking like no other.

If you scroll to the very bottom of the website you will see the various VR headsets available to use on the VR Play’a:

  • Oculus Rift (257MB)
  • HTC Vive (257MB)
  • Gear VR (2MB)
  • Oculus Go (149MB)
  • Windows MR (257MB)
  • Android (2MB)

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone with a Samsung Gear headset. The maximum resolution of VR Bangers videos is up to 6K and 60 FPS. My phone broadcasts the imagery with no problems.

Video filters include Trending, Most Recent, All Categories, and Positions that you can stream directly online or download for future use.

There is another placard for a Free Sample to test out the website with your VR headset before signing up for a membership.

Other placards include Community tab with Recent Discussions, Announcements, General information, Send Feedback, Scene Ideas, and Technical Support.

The Help Section is for technical questions about how to hook up your device, connectivity, general question about anything pertaining to the website, and billing questions about memberships and payment options. Everything you need is there.

Get a 30-second sneak-peak sample of the interactive sex games for computer-generated images to have some extra fun. Check out Dragon MILFs.

You change the language preference from English to Dutch.


I’m not just saying that VR Bangers is the best. The proof is out there…

XBIZ Virtual Reality Award of 2018

Hypnotrans Award of 2019

Best Virtual Reality Scene of 2019

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If you want more sites like VRBangers check out the vrpornrank.com home page which lists the top 21 VR Porn Sites

End of Our VR Bangers Review

Sound the alarms! I love VR Bangers to get my rocks off. I’ve been on there for seven days so far and everything’s been good.

Is it legit? That’s a no-brainer if you've read this review all the way through. The only con I dislike is having to pay for a membership for full-length videos. However, based on what I’m seeing right now, they are worth the price. It’s almost 11:00 pm and I need to get up for work in the morning. I’ll be back later. Before I go, where is my lotion?

Check out the VRBangers website here

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