How To Use VR Porn on Android: A Guide to Android VR Porn

Yes, the future is now here. Unfortunately, we don’t have flying cars like Back to the Future or even reached that infamous red planet millions of light years away yet. We haven’t even been back to the damn moon! Conspiracy…

“I love android VR porn.  There's so many more headset options available than on other devices!"

However, we do have vr porn for android one of the most useful technological advancements in human history.

Maybe i'm a bit biased.

I remember the days of sneaking around in my father’s bedroom like 007 and reading his Playboy magazines with a kool-aid smile on my face. Those stories would make my little solider stand at attention and my imagination would go crazy like a maniac in a mental asylum. I was in awe reading those hot, horny and hardcore words. I really thought that was something in those days!

Now, we have VR porn on our android phones which brings the hardcore action right in front of our eyes. Never would I have thought this would be possible, but here we are…

How to Use VR Porn on Android Phones

The first step is getting your Android mobile device. Be sure to get a late-model Android smartphone with a large screen (5 inches or better) showing at least 720p resolution (up to 6K).

Here are some phones that will be compatible with 90% of vr headsets:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and above
  • LG Stylo 2 and above
  • HTC
  • Google Nexus
  • Sony Xperia z2 and above

Which Android VR Porn Headset is the Best?

That’s a really HARD question to answer. There are so many, but I will try my best to name the most prominent ones.

Samsung Gear is one of the most popular because it’s compatible with various VR porn Android websites. Samsung also makes great products with strong coloration and balanced coordination, which makes the picture look more realistic.

Oculus is a high-end choice and very popular as well. One selling feature is the simplicity of working the product. You do not need to do much to get into the action. Just download content, start up the VR headset, and get to beating your meat right away!

HTC Vive can be used with almost any device, including a computer or even a video game system.

Just switch on the VR porn machine and sync it with your smartphone using Bluetooth. All VR headsets should have this feature. Press both Bluetooth sync buttons on your devices and the smartphone to make the connection. Always make sure the VR headset is charged all the way. Once synced, you can proceed to the next steps.

Normally there is some type of installation that needs to happen. The device will let you know what needs to be installed and will oftentimes do it automatically upon powering up.

Whenever you’re ready for virtual sex just press “Go Into VR Mode” and sit back and enjoy the video. The picture broadcasts through both eye lenses combined together, creating a 3D image. High end headsets broadcast subtle colors that are easy on the eyes so they do no strain. That means they could be used for hours without making you fatigued. Make sure to clean up your bedroom neatly so you don’t accidentally trip over items scattered on the floor while enjoying your virtual reality episode. Moreover, make sure you won’t be interrupted anytime soon during your augmented reality exploration. Take the experience a step further by putting headphones in your ear and listen to the moans and sweet voices.

Installing and Using Android Virtual Real Player

Sometimes you would need to install a virtual reality player. A couple are VorpX, Badoink, Google Daydream, Fulldrive, and Pornhub. An app might pop up for installation after plugging in the headset, especially if you’re using a computer. Just click the Next button for full installation.

Types of Porn for Android VR Headsets

The best porn videos with an augmented reality porn headset are POV and blowjobs. Hentai gives you a chance to become intimate with your favorite cartoon characters. Remember, VR Android porn is for both men and women. So you can imagine your dick being the subject’s dick. Additionally, if you are a woman, you can imagine your pussy being the subject’s pussy. This would build confidence in you because you will finally have a petite body and six-pack abs!

How Does Android VR Porn 3D Feel?

It feels just like the real thing! Although there are no physical manipulations (except with your hands) particular involved with watching a video, you can use the Autoblow 2 sex toy for the real feeling. Or, you can get your haggard wife to suck you off while watching the exact sex act. Just command her what to do!

Regardless, it will feel like another person on the other end really engaging with your body. However, you need to push your imagination further to make this to happen. You can look up at the ceiling and moan in pure pleasure or turn towards the window and look out at the sky while enjoying the feeling. The 360 degree tilt gives a rounded view. You can look beyond her shoulders at the round fat ass. You can pan to the left or right at 180 degrees, but the sides are normally cut off if you go too far. However, you would need a full 360 degree view for the best reach.

A man or woman can use this headset for virtual sexual intercourse. Perfect for fulfilling gay and lesbian curiosities.

Vr Porn Android -  Final Words

VR porn for Android is the best way to have augmented reality sex. Digitally get your rocks off. The Field-of-View reaches up to 360 degrees, depending on the porn video, and resolutions can reach up to 6K. Bluetooth connects the wireless headset to the base device broadcasting the porn. As long as the device has Android 4.4 and higher everything will work fine. There are several YouTube videos that break down how to connect the headset to your Android device. Check them out!

Looking for some vr porn for your new setup? Check out our list of the best vr porn sites!