VR Porn Torrents: Best Places To Torrent Virtual Reality Porn For Gear VR and other Headsets

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Torrenting is one way to get VR Porn for free.  For virtual reality, it is a bit more difficult to find torrents than regular torrents, so i’ve put together this list of the best sites to search on.

Only use the above sites to torrent vr porn that you have the rights to torrent, don’t torrent any vr porn illegally.

Even using the torrent sites above, it can still be hard to find specific scenes. Why? Vr porn torrents are a much larger size than regular video clips.  A file for gear VR can be as large as 15 gigabytes, so to get every video through a peer-to-peer network would require a lot of seeding by everyone else. Another reason VR porn torrents are harder to find is that not everyone has headsets yet.  It’s still a fairly new technology and there aren’t enough people out their consuming vr porn to have a demand for torrents.  A final reason is that VR Porn is played on the phone and the extra hassle of torrenting some new wankzvr torrent to your desktop is difficult.

I ordered them in a list from best to worst, so i’d start from the top and work your way down until you find what your are looking for.

Here are the types of torrents that can appear on these sites by studio and vr porn site:

If you just want low quality free vr porn, be sure to check out pornhub VR which has a lot of full clips, no need to torrent.

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Wankz VR Torrent

Wankz is one of the biggest sites in the virtual reality porn business.  They add 3 clips a week and have a library of over 200 different scenes.  Because the site is more common the torrents are also more common too.  I can’t list any links here, but if you google you will probably find some WankzVR torrent files floating around that you can download.

BadoinkVR Torrent Plus 18VR, VRCosplayX, and BabeVR Torrents

Did you know that 18VR, VRCosplayX and Badoink are all owned by the same studio?  For that reason I am lumping them together in this section about Badoink Virtual reality torrents.  They have over 500 clips available in the libraries on their site.  You can try searching for full site rip torrents and this should give you a couple terabytes of VR porn, enough to last the average masturbator through a long winter.